BAC-annaversary-3Bay Area Concretes and PolishedCrete are proud to be celebrating their 50th anniversary as a leading decorative concrete and concrete polished flooring contractor serving all of Northern California. Based within 30 miles of the Bay Area’s largest cities (San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose) and serving companies from Silicon Valley to the many Wine Valley’s, BAC has installed tens of millions of square feet of polished concrete floors and decorative concrete hardscapes.

Founded by Gary Price, Bay Area Concretes and PolishedCrete are still in the family with Mike Price as CEO. Mike is joined by Jonathan Vasquez who functions as COO and is also an owner. The company is proud to employ over 75 people and enjoys double digit growth due the outstanding work our employees do for our clients every day.

Latest Trend: Polished Concrete Floors are Stronger, and more Beautiful!

Concrete is a durable flooring material and can be quite beautiful and green. Yet it is often covered over with carpet, tiling or epoxy which is unnecessary creates ongoing maintenance challenges as well as added expense not just upfront but over the entire life of the floor.

PolishedCrete® (a BAC affiliated company) developed a revolutionary flooring concept with a technique that makes concrete floors durable, shiny and truly beautiful. PolishedCrete’s system utilizes special grinding machines to remove the soft top coating that covers the hard concrete below. Once removed, PolishedCrete’s artisans can color stain, add decorative saw cuts and more before starting the multiple-step diamond polishing and hardening process to reveal your floors hidden beauty.

While newly poured concrete polished floors allow for more control of the final finish, old severely distressed concrete floors can also be turned into works of art. Find out more at PolishedCrete. The environment and your bottom line will both benefit too.

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concrete floor commercial

We specialize in installing a polished concrete floor finish for large open areas at commercial and industrial facilities or any business that is looking for a beautiful, durable flooring finish.

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Patene Artectura
patene artectura paving

Using Patene Artectura paving by Bomanite, Bay Area Concretes (BAC) create a completely original, custom, and highly decorative architectural concrete paving system.

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interior concrete flooring

Although we have installed more than 18 million square feet of decorative concrete work, we are known for our quality not our quantity. We do high-end, high-quality projects where true craftsmanship is required.

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exterior concrete floor

We are one of the world’s first three Bomanite installers and we have been the practicing expert in the field of colored, textured, and imprinted concrete paving products since 1966.

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I love the stained and polished floor...and so does everyone else! I want to do the rest of the floors as soon as we can.

The stain came out great and people just love the saw cuts that make the floor look like it has giant tiles!

The crew was professional and the job was done right on schedule so we had minimal disruption.

Kathy Herzog

Decorative Concrete Report

Decorative Concrete Report identifies six major problems consumers have with concrete and paver contracts as well as explains ways to avoid problems. It also includes Consumer Protection Audit and Concrete Contractor Integrity & Competency Code

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Architect/Designer Info Kit
Free Architect/Home Designer "Design Art Communication--Decorative Concrete Solutions" Book.

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