Specification for Bomanite Architectural Colored Concrete Paving

SECTION 03350: BOMANITE IMPRINTED CONCRETE shall be installed by Bay Area Concretes, Inc. The Contractor for Bomanite imprinted paving shall provide conclusive proof that he is qualified to and has previously produced Bomanite imprinted paving and can comply with the provisions specified herein and shown on the plans. Proof shall be in three high quality installations, similar in scope to that specified herein, and located within a 50 mile radius of the City. Evidence that the Contractor is qualified to comply with the requirements specified herein shall be submitted to and be subject to the approval of the Architect or Owner.

Bomanite textured paving pattern shall be: BOMACRON ASHLAR SLATE

The work provided by the contractor shall include:

  1. Materials: Fiber-reinforced concrete, color hardener(s), reinforcement, forms and curing compound.
  2. Provide special BOMANITE imprinting tools.
  3. Place fiber-reinforced concrete
  4. Place color hardener (s)
  5. Apply BOMANITE imprinting tools.
  6. Apply curing compound.
  7. Apply final acrylic water based Sealers (optional)

Concrete shall have a minimum compressive strength of 3000 psi. Portland cement shall conform to ASTM C 150, Type I, II, or IV. Aggregate shall conform to ASTM C33 and shall be minus 3/8 inch. Aggregate size of 1″ maximum is permissible in some applications. Mix water shall be fresh, clean and potable. An air-entraining agent conforming with ASTM C260 and/or a normal set or retarded-set water reducing admixture conforming with ASTM C 494 may be used. Calcium chloride shall not be permitted in the mix. Concrete shall be 4” inches thick.

Reinforcement shall be:

  1. Fibermesh MonoFilament “stealth” fibers, in the concrete matrix
  2. #3 Steel Rebar reinforcing placed @ 18” on center each way – minimum.

Color shall be ready-to-use, dry-shake Bomanite or QC color hardener and shall use streak-free integrations of pigments, surface conditioning and dispersing agents, and portland cement, blended with hard graded aggregate as manufactured by the Bomanite Corporation or QC Construction Products, Madera, Ca.

Color(s) shall be:

  1. Durango Tan – Base Color
  2. Sable & Flint Gray – Flashing Colors

Curing compound complying with ASTM C 309 shall be used as a curing membrane and shall conform with all applicable air pollution regulations. Curing Compound may also be QC “Clear Cure”.

Installation shall be as follows:

  1. The fiber-reinforced concrete mix shall be placed, screeded to the proper grade and wood floated to a uniform surface in the normal manner.
  2. Color Hardener(s) shall be applied evenly to the plastic surface by the dry-shake method at the rate of 60 pounds per 100 square feet. It shall be applied in two shakes, wood floated after each, and troweled after the final floating.
  3. While concrete is still in the plastic stage of set – Bomanite imprinting tools shall be applied.
  4. Curing compound shall be applied.
  5. Optional final finishes: QC Acrylic Sealer – QC Cemseal.

Bomanite concrete paving to be installed per standards and specification of Bomanite Corporation and in accordance with Bay Area Concretes Inc., 4179 Business Center Drive, Fremont, California 94538. License #242104. Phone (510) 651-6020. www.bayareaconcretes.com


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